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Who is Gemma Celeste?

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Gemma Celeste has been described as having the “Voice of angel with the power of a Lion”

She is an intuitive performer who loves nothing more than to provide an experience for those listening and to bring a smile to her audiences faces. Her ability to engage and interact with the crowd is what makes her stand out as a performer, often getting off stage to dance and sing to her audience.

She has a great positive infectious energy and loves to tell stories through song. Gemma Celeste performs a range of popular tracks in Pop, Rock, Dance, Vintage and

Retro classics including jazz, swing, ragtime and Postmodern Jukebox.

With over 20 years experience Gemma Celeste has spent most of her adult life honing her craft singing overseas in Sydney and London where she has performed with various covers and original bands, collaborating with DJ's, producers and everything in between, spanning all genres of music. 

Gemma Celeste is a full time performer,  providing a musical experience to suit any occasion. Performing at festivals, parties, clubs, weddings, conferences, and private events. She is the lead singer of a 5 piece band, does live vocals with DJ's and is is 1 part of a female duo called Celestial Vibez, who create bespoke shows for any occasion. They dress up in lavish costumes, dancing with props and choreographed dance moves, and playing multiple instruments, interacting with the audience where possible with  theatrical gestures and often comedic banter.

She is currently in writing mode creating a musical comedy and bespoke soundtrack musical. She has written 2 songs for a film documentary ‘Soldiers without Guns’ called "Share our land holding hands' and "Rise Up' She has also co-written and released a song called ‘Bully’ with rapper Nicky Smirk and featured on a song with DJ Gabriella Gonzalez called "Karma" you can find these tracks under the music section.

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